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Avils Infra Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally-managed company that offers a range of fully integrated and controlled Network Audio Visual solutions for medium and large-sized that need effective device connectivity and functionality.

Founded in 2009, Avils Infra is today a recognized pioneer known for its range of products reflect advanced technologies and innovative solutions, smartly integrated to offer a sophisticated, user-friendly experience.



We have had a very positive experience dealing with your company, especially your technical department who were not only very knowledgeable but also professional when it came time for installation and maintenance. And your sales team truly proved that they take post-sales support as serious as pre-sales support – rare in today’s world. We look forward to working with Advanced on upcoming audiovisual projects.

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Avils solutions are in use in various sites – corporates, education institutions, hospitals etc. It is a matter of pride that over the years, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who continue to use our products. Here is what a few of them have to say about our solutions.

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Must say that I’ve been impressed and more than pleased with my association with Advanced on these projects and would be more than happy to recommend your team to anyone any time. Thanks again.

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Your equipment is state of the art, functionally rich and yet simple to use. I would heartily recommend the use of your company for the purchase, installation, integration and maintenance of audio visual systems in any business environment.

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  • System Integration

    Our team has the expertise to take up system integration end-to-end. This begins with closely working with the architect, PMC and client followed by a site […]
  • Display Room

    We offer a wide range of display devices – single screen, multi-screen, video walls etc, that are installed in conference rooms, lobbies and experience centres.
  • Conferencing Systems

    – We provide sophisticated conferencing solutions based on site requirements. These include multi-user options with audio and video conferencing facilities along with a host of advanced […]
  • Hospitality

    Hospitality and entertainment venues require sophisticated AV devices that blend perfectly with the environment while delivering a superior experience. Other locations also include theme parks, museums, […]
  • Lighting Control

    We provide complete control systems for lighting that will allow the operation including switching on/off, dimming and selective operation of lights across the enterprise through one […]
  • High-End Audio Systems

    Quality audio forms an integral part of the presentation experience. We offer high end audio solutions that deliver clear, noise free audio in spaces of various […]