Avils Infra Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally-managed company that offers a range of fully integrated and controlled Network Audio Visual solutions for medium and large-sized that need effective device connectivity and functionality.

Founded in 2009, Avils Infra is today a recognized pioneer known for its range of products reflect advanced technologies and innovative solutions, smartly integrated to offer a sophisticated, user-friendly experience.


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  • System Integration

    Our team has the expertise to take up system integration end-to-end. This begins with closely working with the architect, PMC and client followed by a site […]
  • Display Room

    We offer a wide range of display devices – single screen, multi-screen, video walls etc, that are installed in conference rooms, lobbies and experience centres.
  • Conferencing Systems

    – We provide sophisticated conferencing solutions based on site requirements. These include multi-user options with audio and video conferencing facilities along with a host of advanced […]
  • Hospitality

    Hospitality and entertainment venues require sophisticated AV devices that blend perfectly with the environment while delivering a superior experience. Other locations also include theme parks, museums, […]
  • Lighting Control

    We provide complete control systems for lighting that will allow the operation including switching on/off, dimming and selective operation of lights across the enterprise through one […]
  • High-End Audio Systems

    Quality audio forms an integral part of the presentation experience. We offer high end audio solutions that deliver clear, noise free audio in spaces of various […]